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Hey, I'm Julie. I'm a nature lover, community organizer, and rabid Sagittarius adventure-seeker who happens to also be a fierce arts advocate and multi-hyphenate storyteller committed to creating safer spaces for marginalized artists. (I'm also really funny).

My work is vibrant, playful, innovative, and deeply human. I believe rehearsal rooms should be collaborative spaces filled with a balance of relaxed fun, hard work, and great snacks.

I currently serve as the Artistic Director of The Commons, an LA-based production company dedicated to empowering LGBTQ+ artists. I'm also a co-founder of The Joy-Jackson Initiative, building systemic racial equity in the entertainment industry.


In my free time, you're likely to find me hiking through the Los Angeles mountains, covered in clay at the pottery wheel, reorganizing my kitchen cabinets (again), watching season six of Madam Secretary (also again), hosting unnecessarily elaborate brunch parties with my partner, or doing volunteer and service work with organizations like Food Forward and Union Station Homeless Services.


I believe the answer to most problems is community.

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